Doraemon in chains!


When Japan’s Foreign Ministry appointed the beloved character Doraemon as an “anime ambassador” to the world in 2008 (Wiki), I doubt he was thinking that he would end up being chained in front of a shopping center in China. Doraemon volume 1 cover
I also doubt that the Japanese Foreign Ministry would have thought harmless Doraemon would become persona non grata in China since he is, on a mission to corrupt the China’s youth (″

A few of the many previous reports about Doraemon on the 3Yen include:


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4 thoughts on “Doraemon in chains!”

  1. The robotic cat from the future, Doraemon—fittingly called “Ding Dong*” in Chinese markets— unfortunately had its ears bitten off by rats.

  2. sidebar-quote long Milburn Pennybags, Esq. wrote:
    …Doraemon—fittingly called “Ding Dong”


    Actually, he’s called “Dongman.”


    Or, at least the Chinese government calls him Dongman“…
    dongman aka doraemon


    Little Ding-Dong


    Unexpectedly satanic Doraemon…

    A Warning in China: Beware the ‘Blue Fatty’ Cat | 2014/09/29
    Nothing seems more harmless than the plump-faced Japanese cartoon robot cat, Doraemon, who does not even have claws…
    …Chinese newspapers cautioned their countrymen: Beware of this “blue fatty” — the Japanese are exporting their values through him.
    Last Friday, three major newspapers in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, fired a salvo of accusations against Doraemon for its “political overtones” and being a tool of Japan’s “cultural invasion.”

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