Mocking Japan’s fraudulent new National Stadium for the 2020 Olympics

2020_stadium I decided to join the fun of all the Japanese folks mocking the fraudulent waste (3Yen 2015-05-20) of a new National Stadium for the 2020 Olympics at the hashtag: #新国立競技場クソコラグランプ (translation: #Crappy Photoshop Grand Prix for the new National Stadium)salon-stadia_640x

I previously explained about the above Mr. “NO MORE” (no more illegal downloading of movies) at | 2012-11-01: Saddest costume ever

Previous 3Yen reports Japan’s preparation for the useless, waste-of-money, 2020 Olympics include:

FÜÇK THE 2020 OLYMPICS! ┌∩┐|☢ _ゝ☢|

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4 thoughts on “Mocking Japan’s fraudulent new National Stadium for the 2020 Olympics”

  1. “Love” for the two dollar bill of stadiums…

    Poll: 81% disapprove $2-billion Olympic stadium
    NHK World | Jul. 14, 2015
    An NHK poll shows that more than 80 percent of people surveyed disapprove a plan to build a new Olympic stadium in Tokyo that costs more than 2 billion dollars. The facility will be the main arena for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics...more...

  2. Here is a new AP article on this boondoggle:

    Tokyo Olympic venue shaping up as world’s costliest stadium

    “The rising price tag has put the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the defensive, at a time when his approval ratings are already slipping because of opposition to his push to expand the international role of Japan’s military. It also doesn’t bode well for Boston and others bidding for the 2024 Olympics, as well as the International Olympic Committee’s goal of making future Olympics more affordable for host cities, Matheson said.

    “If a modern city like Tokyo with tons of highly developed infrastructure already in place can’t make an Olympics work without breaking the bank, what chance do any other potential host cities have,” he wrote.”

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