‘Weird’ Japan vs ‘Normal’ Japan

People who live in Japan groan (actually Japanese suck air through their teeth rather than groan) about the lame observation that, “Japan is weird.”
People are weird.
In that context, the so-called [ab]normal-day-in-Japan photos below actually are quite normal.

  What does a normal day in Japan look like?
  Turning Japanese blog by Andrew C | 2015/July1-6_normal-japan
  13-15_normal-Japan View the full-sized photos on the turningjapanese.org

Most of the above photos are just a normal-day-in-Japan, if you understand that they are intentionally meant to be strange for advertising and artistic reasons.
Specifically (with links to previous 3Yen posts of the original photos):

  • Photos 1 and 2 are just unusual but “normal” enough enough product adversing displays.
  • Photo 3 is Chinese (with Chinese writing on the Coke bottle hats).
  • Photo 4 of a lady walking her pig is rare but possible—I see the Chicken-on-his-head Man and the Live-Goldfish-Earrings Man most weekends.
  • Photo 5 is abnormal.
  • Photo 6 is “normal” everyday occurrence in Chiba (just east of Tokyo) were “Batman” commutes. (3Yen / 2015-01-12)
  • Photo 7 is a movie promotion but Japan has several “normal” permanent mecha statues. (3Yen / 2010-06-03)
  • Photo 8 is a “normal” cosplay contest (3Yen / 2007-11-30).
  • Photo 9 is a “normal” performance artist, Omaru Uwabaki, who performs every weekend in Machida. (3Yen / 2011-01-27)
  • Photo 10 is a “normal” summer promo display–KFC Japan dresses the Colonel for Xmas, Halloween, etc. as well as giving him a sex change occasionally. (3Yen / 2010-09-09)
  • Photo 11 is a “normal” failed product test–Japanese think pancakes are a dessert (cakes).
  • Photo 12 is a “normal” mainstream science museum exhibit, which runs every school summer vacation period. The Japanese (like Germans) love everything poop related. (3Yen / 2014-07-08)
  • Photo 13 is a “normal” attention-seeking, performance artist. (Rocketnews24 2014/02/22)
  • Photo 14 is a “normal” Coca Cola advertising promotion that ran for a couple a weeks a few years ago. Refer to:
       Coke machine robo-babe (3Yen 2007-09-2)
  • Photo 15 is a “normal” Mario Go-kart rental business for tourists–an everyday sight in Tokyo. (kotaku.com)

So to recap the fun, five photos are just advertising promotions, two are of performance artists, one is Chinese not Japanese, and only one is “abnormal.”

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3 thoughts on “‘Weird’ Japan vs ‘Normal’ Japan”

  1. Oh dear Taro-chama, do you really want “weird” Japan?
    Check out this hinkykinky JK* action.
                                *Joshi kosei (女子高生) high school girl


    Cover your eyes! Japanese girls do the “Party Monster” dance, make us blush
    RocketNews24 2015/09/05
    Picture this: you’re a Japanese high school girl. Apart from classes and schoolmate drama, there’s really not a lot exciting going on… So how can you blow off some steam?
    Well, you could record yourself and your friends doing explicit moves to an American EDM group’s song “Party Monster” and upload it to the internet.

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