7 thoughts on “One. Book. Store.”

  1. Morioka one-bookstore wrote:
    Through talks, exhibitions and events to meet the author, visitors are offered an intimate opportunity to explore a book and enhance their joy of reading it. Although bold, Morioka Shoten offers an experience that would be impossible to replicate for online booksellers or even large bookshops.

    Two customers, one author? Pssst, close the curtains…

  2. Reminds of the bodegas that only had like a can of Coke and maybe two rolls of toilet paper on their shelves in NYC back in the day. But they were actually selling drugs so it made sense.

  3. sidebar-quote long Amsterdam wrote:
    Well that should cover the rent!

    Japan has a huge number of odd little “businesses” without customers or a profitable business model. The way these screwy places work is that the “business” owner’s family owns the building that the ridiculously unprofitable business is located in so there isn’t any rent or utilities to pay. Japanese view running a totally unprofitable business is the perfect way to occupy the life of an idiot son or daughter (also mistresses).

    I have lived across the street or worked next to buildings with a small “eyeglass shop,” “model train store,” “fashion boutique,” etc. that had never had a customer in years

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