Softbank Japan’s contractual obligations for ROBO-SEX

Since Softbank “Pepper” robot costs* 198,000 yen ($1,654 USD) to purchase and then the owner has to then pay another 24,600 yen ($206 USD) per month for the service contract, the bitchin’ bot better do a lot more than just, “shaking its hips and moan.”


No sex please, we’re robots!
Buyers of hit new ‘emotional robot’ Pepper to sign contract vowing it won’t be used for sex

DAILY MAIL | 22 September 2015
Japan-based SoftBank included a clause in the ownership contract which said using the robot for ‘the purpose of sexual or indecent behavior’ breaks this rental agreement…Computer pranksters have already reprogrammed the iPad hanging from its neck to give Pepper ‘virtual breasts’ which makes it shake its hips and moan when touched..more


Previously the 3Yen has reported on Japanese robosex including:


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12 thoughts on “Softbank Japan’s contractual obligations for ROBO-SEX”

  1. What is the legal definition of sex?

    I guess Bill Clinton ordered one too.

    Afterwards he can always claim “I did not have sex with that robot!!!”.

  2. sidebar-quote long R wrote:
    I guess Bill Clinton ordered one too.

    We know you really want to order one of these too.

  3. >They gave Hanako 2 a gag reflex? What a waste.

    Don’t worry, I don’t think the locals have the “unlock” for that.

  4. Hot Damn! It is right here and right now!

    Roxxxy – The World’s First Sex Robot

    Now on sale at:

    TrueCompanion com Hands On Series Episode

    But, it is not without controversy:

    “The development of sex robots and the ideas to support their production show the immense horrors still present in the world of prostitution,” read a statement on the Campaign Against Sex Robots website. The authors of the campaign argued that sex robots would further increase the perceived “inferiority of women and children” and continue to justify their use as “sex objects”.

    fapgaijinfap ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶

  5. HAHA! Got to love the all-new Roxxxy! And of course all the feminists, pimps and prostitutes are all against it because they won’t be able to get anymore free money from men!


  7. “You can kiss and have sex with her. Her legs can be parted and you can feel her tender skin.”
    I Went to a Robot Shop to Witness the Coming of the Sex Dolls
    Motherboard | October 6, 2016
    store owner Mr. Xiao is struggling to prevent a nearly-nude “female” humanoid doll from toppling off a chair. As Xiao finally manages to place the doll in a stable sitting position then cover its rather large, jiggling silicone breasts with a slinky pink shirt, he explains that “her” name, or rather that of her model, is Magic Beauty.

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