Sushi. Ninja. Toilet. JAPAN!

Sushi. Check.
Ninja. Check.
Toilet. Check.
      Must be JAPAN!


Shibuya flushes away stained reputation of having filthy toilets
Asahi News Sept. 26, 2015
once derided a restroom in the young people’s fashion district of Harajuku as “the world’s dirtiest,” today it has been cleaned up and transformed into the “Sushi Ninja Toilet.”
The once-filthy toilet was “adopted” by Genco Inc., an anime production companyand its Sushi Ninja character is now plastered on the exteriormore


A few of the dozens of 3Yen reports of Japan’s unique″ toilet technology include:


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5 thoughts on “Sushi. Ninja. Toilet. JAPAN!”

  1. Yikes, “Sushi Ninja Toilet” sounds like a dangerous dump!

  2. She-e-e-it, there ain’t such a thing as a “filthy” toilet in Japan—-It’s only a question of degree.
    “Filthy” in Japan is ‘floor hasn’t been mopped in two days, one square of toilet paper on the floor.’

  3. sidebar-quote long …there ain’t such a thing as a “filthy” toilet in Japan.

    You need to get out more.

    Yes, many Japanese toilets are fully equipped with heated seats, bidet spray function and sound dampening silencers. They can have good toilet paper and no graffiti.

    However, once in a while, you have downed six bottle bottles of beer and you stumbling your way home at 1am, you will spot a public toilet labeled “お手洗い” (“o-tearai” literally ‘hand washing’) on a door. That will be a squat hole that’s fouled to waist height in poo. The surprising thing is on the number of occasions one finds oneself in such a situation, it can be snack dab in the middle of an otherwise normal (or even trendy) neighborhood. Tokyo is like a fcuked up fractal geometry where every nook and cranny has a smaller nook and cranny, ad infinitum. Weird.

    Outside major cities, you’re on your own: Non-flush holes are the rule.

  4. This crap is kyoumi bukai (interesting) but it’ll take some time for me to write my whole iken (opinion).

  5. Japanese Toilet Instructions…
    For throwing your feces at the toilet from a distance.

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