Walmart on drugs in Japan!

Here’s proof of heavy hallucinogen use at one of Japan’s largest chains of supermarkets, SEIYU, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Walmart.


A glimpse of the future according to scientists coming from the future to our present spiral…This is only in the future!


You can view many more videos of drug-induced madness at Walmart née SEIYU’s Japanese website: (SEIYU — 未来は、ヤ〇イ。)

Seiyu store poster
Or, does this typical SEIYU supermarket poster better explain it?
(3Yen 2011-07-22)


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3 thoughts on “Walmart on drugs in Japan!”

  1. Tssss… Dirty smelly poopy imperialist Kapitalist pig. You are just too racist to understand the artistic and intellectual superiority of the Japanese race…
    (Try writing that without giggling, i dare you…)

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