Best Korea launches their Blob at Japan!

I’ve had two emergency alerts on my cellphone and couple of community announcements about North Korea launching a blob at Japan (

Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK, is all in a tither about this image highlighting this blob-cum-missile flying over Japan’s southern Okinawan island chain.

 North Korea shoots missiles ssm 1 Pongi

Previous reports of Best Korea’s “Dong” missiles include:



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10 thoughts on “Best Korea launches their Blob at Japan!”

  1. Damn! I think all the fun just ended. :(


    Oh well, there must be a Sumo match on NHK or something.

  2. The roundeye dog-babies will cower at our large phallic missiles!

    We’ll fight like tigers roaring and chasing the hounds of hell back to their decadent West. Then we’ll make love to their comely breasted womenkind, bringing forth proud and muscular North Korean genetic stock from sea to shining sea.

    Limp-wristed POTUS is no match for the husky and virile Proud Leader! He slaps his massive, girthy member around all over the place while puny man-baby POTUS will need a diaper change.

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