Japan’s Prime Minister Abe wants a robot replacement



PM Abe wants a ‘robot speaker’ to stand in for him during Diet debates
Mainichi Japan | March 2, 2016
at a dinner at the prime minister’s official residence on March 1, Abe apparently said he wanted the robotic proxy as he looked back on the budget deliberations, after the recent test run of a self-driving taxi came up in conversation...more


Interestingly back in July of 2015 (ibtimes.co.in), China anticipated this robot need and already offered a robo-replacement Prime Minister Abe as you can see on the left and below in this youtube news video…robot-abe-youtube
A few of our many previous reports of replacements for Japanese include:



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2 thoughts on “Japan’s Prime Minister Abe wants a robot replacement”

  1. And I was hoping to be able to watch an NHK special on cooking sweets, honey glazed cheese cake…but instead it was pre-empted by a sleeping former prime minister Aso (A*hole) and current PM Abe…

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