Oops, Japan forgot to include the Olympic flame in their new stadium for the 2020 Olympics


The Japan Times | March 4, 2016
The designers of the new National Stadium apparently forgot to include a cauldron for the Olympic flame.
And they cannot just stick it anywhere: The interior is largely lined with wood.
Officials are blaming a “lack of communications” between the government and other parties, but say they will fix the problem…more…



Previous reports of Olympic-sized up-fcuks for the 2020 Joke-on-Japan include:



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18 thoughts on “Oops, Japan forgot to include the Olympic flame in their new stadium for the 2020 Olympics”

  1. Many years ago my dear brother went camping but forgot to take a tent.

    This almost tops that in my little world.

  2. So, do the “National-Staff” take credit for this design flaw? Or, does the architect in England take “credit”?

  3. The new Tokyo Olympic stadium is just a cover for the underground base being built beneath it. Building underground bases to house bio-war research labs and such facilities is hard to keep secret, that’s the real reason.


  4. There is no way that the Olympics themselves will be anywhere near as entertaining as the clusterfuck that is the build up to it. This is golden.

    Edit: On a more serious note, this introduces a new element to the whole thing. Before, it was just a bunch of dumbfucks bumbling all over the place and dropping the ball even when there was no obvious ball to drop; now there’s actually an element of danger to it.
    Great job, guys. Really.

  5. Taro wrote:
    Only the Japanese design features wood that is causing the fire concern.

    It’s simply a throwback to traditional Japanese design and craftsmanship. And what better way to make guests feel like they are back in Tokugawa-era Edo then the ever present danger of fire?

  6. code wench wrote:
    …what better way to make guests make guests feel like they are back in Tokugawa-era Edo…

    I can’t wait for Fire Warning Ojisan to open the games with the click of his two wooden sticks!!!

  7. Merkypie wrote:
    Fire Warning Ojisan

    Hyoshigi wooden clacker
    Whoa. Many of those old farts of the fire patrol (shobodan) out on their night rounds (yomawari)) are Tenrikyo cult wackos who wack their wooden clackers to get rid of evil fire spirits with shamanistic Japa-juju voodoo.

    Also note:

    The Hyoshigi photo above is by ja:User:Miya [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

  8. Japan Still Japaning The Orympics Desu! :D


    …The cauldron is not mentioned in the governments August development plan, while the International Olympic Committee stipulates the cauldron should ideally be placed somewhere visible from both inside and outside the stadium.
    …The 2020 organizing committee insists that information has been passed on to the government and the Japanese Olympic Committee, but a government source claimed the information, “wasn’t passed on to committee President Yoshiro Mori in the first place.”
    — japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/03/04/national/review-team-works-weigh-location-2020-olympics-cauldron-new-tokyo-stadium


    \(^▽^)/ 笑う笑う


  9. Mkay, so with the current design, the Japanese Olympic Committee has a largely wooden stadium that needs a YUGE burning vat of FIRE right inside of it! What could possibly go wrong?!?!?! O_O

    Or, maybe they will now just design a new stadium?!?!?!?!

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