‘Terror Blossom’ monster attacks at Japan’s Cherry Blossom time!

drinking beer under the cherry blossoms

It’s sacred sakura time and the the Japanese drunks are starting their raucous hamami/blossom viewing parties (3Yen 2012-03-04).
However, there’s a villain crashing the festivities, ``Terror Blossom!´´


馬場卓也@3 /26 27三船ダンユマ ‏@takuyaz #こんな花見はいやだ


Ok, ok, here’s the-rest-of-the story of Terror Blossom according to the RangerWiki (powerrangers.wikia.com)

A flower monster created by Lord Zedd from flower petals, Terror Blossom had the ability to reproduce and possessed poison petals. Terror Blossom was able to recreate the Hatchasaurus to keep the Rangers occupied. After defeating the Hatchasaurus, Jason, Zack, and Trini are frozen by Terror Blossom’s shower of poisonous petals. They are teleported to the Command Center so Billy can try to revert the effects of the poison, and he eventually succeeds. Later, Terror Blossom unleashes his flower more…



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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

2 thoughts on “‘Terror Blossom’ monster attacks at Japan’s Cherry Blossom time!”

  1. What you are seeing here folks is a view into the depths of pure insanity called sakura.
    This is a glimpse into the darkest reaches of the Japanese soul, where evil and toxi-obsession commingle to gave birth to something, which cannot be understood by those of us that exist on our limited-&-degraded realm of consciousness.
    It’s a SAKURA KAIJU. Somebody hold me.

  2. SAKURA KAIJU probably just wants to take over my brain cells and then implode inside me like a wood tub of runny natto. Or maybe he’d like to torment all of us until we cannot object to a alien remodeling of the dank backalleys of To-ky-o. I guess we should call Z. Z. Bottom.

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