Tough year for manners

ポスター mannersThe up-coming Japanese fiscal year starts tomorrow and it’s going a tough year for teasing the Tokyo Metro’s manners posters in English. The theme of 2016’s posters will feature kanji ideographs that will target* the current rude hoards Chinese tourists and the locals, meh.

 tokyo metro gate manners poster

tokyo-metro-logoTokyo Metro’s New Manner Posters Themed on Kanji Graphics | 2016-Mar-30
Every year Tokyo Metro announces a new series of…”Manner [sic] Posters” …The new posters designed by Tokyo illustrator, Yu Nagaba, will feature a new character called “Chikao-kun” or “Underground Boy”…The new slogan “anata no mana- , ii kanji?” or “are your manners in good shape?”...more...



real metro manners poster of door kanji
The above poster is a 3Yen “exclusive” since the actual manners poster shown on the left won’t be put up until tomorrow, April 1st.
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Our reports of previous fiscal year’s new series of manner posters include:



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8 thoughts on “Tough year for manners”


    Tokyo Metro press release (machine translation):
    The Tokyo Metro manners posters for 2016 will feature Kanji ideograph characters, which even from a distance transmit messages about train manners—capable of arousing interest of foreign customers!
    More ⇒

  2. Does it strike you that “Underground Boy”– Chikao-kun is nearly as creepy as previous Metro manners character Miteru-chan–“Miss Watching” ?

    underground-boy vs miss-watching

  3. Onigawara wrote:
    the new Metro manners artist, Yu Nagaba, is planning…posters with foreign hipsters.


    Yeah, the artist’s previous work like the “Popeye Sandwich Club” is too hipster for me.


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