Extreme Tokyo train seating

yamamote tokyo train crowd packing
How to get your own seat on Tokyo’s
← overcrowded trains of the Yamamote Line.


山手線 — ヨッピー (@yoppymodel) Apr. 7, 2016 Translation: The Guardian of the Yamanote Line


Prior Art*:
For many years, Mr. Cloudy Bongwater has solved the problem of finding a seat on crowded Tokyo trains. The Japanese call the “Train Hammock Gaijin/foreigner“—Read the Japanese accounts of The Mystery of “Uncle Hammock” on the train (google translate) cloudy-bongwater-sling-seat

Other Prior Art reports for extreme seating on Tokyo trains include:



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3 thoughts on “Extreme Tokyo train seating”

  1. Occasionally I ask people to hold my crutches so I can hold onto the rings above the seats with both hands. Japanese thoughtfully comply and let me stand, grr.

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