‘We use silk cloth imported from Japan’ for toilet paper


Democrats say Republicans are stiffing them on toilet paper
New York Post | 2016/04/10
[New York legislatures’] favored brand, Tork Universal’s scratchy, single-ply bath tissue, made from “100 percent recycled fibers.”
Assembly members, unlike the Senate, get as much toilet paper as they want — as long as it fits into their annual office-supply budgets of $2,750.bow-tie-for-butts
“We use silk cloth imported from Japan,” laughed Staten Island Democratic Assemblyman Matthew Titone …more…


Well, la-di-da.
Even as a joke, New York legislators should not make light of such crappy subject.


A few of our many topical tales of toilet tissue include:



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3 thoughts on “‘We use silk cloth imported from Japan’ for toilet paper”

  1. Oh dear. (>.< ) They were not joking about how horrible Tork Universal’s toilet tissue is. I've encountered that scary stuff at US airports.

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