Japan is the best Communist nation

“SovietSupreme,” a frequent contributor to news.3Yen.com writes:
japan-communist-flag_4Greetings Comrades!
We all should be gladdened by Japan’s striving to achieve the ultimate goal of the communist society—the common ownership of the means of production.

The Tokyo Whale Is Quietly Buying Up Huge Stakes in Japan Inc
bourgeois-Bloomberg | April 24, 2016
They may not realize it yet, but Japan Inc.’s executives are increasingly working for a shareholder unlike any other: the nation’s money-printing central bank. While the Bank of Japan’s name is nowhere to be found in regulatory filings on major stock investors, the monetary authority’s exchange-traded fund purchases have made it a top 10 shareholder in about 90 percent of the Nikkei 225 Stock Average, according to estimates compiled by Bloomberg from public data. It’s now a major owner of more Japanese blue-chipsmore...


Our previous reports Japan’s “Communist” success include:


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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

10 thoughts on “Japan is the best Communist nation”

  1. Massive state intervention in the economy, large white elephant public works projects planned in the 1950s still being implimented today, muzzling of the press, state run monopolies like JA, a legal system that always favours the state over individual rights, historical revisionism—When did you ever believe that Japan was not a Communist country?

    What I find funny is all the conservative supporters of Abe (especially in the Gaikoku/foreign community) who can’t seem to wrap their brains around the fact the our current PM is a Marxist.

  2. “I taught Paul Krugman, Haruhiko Kuroda and Shinzo Abe how to fly in 2016!” – Peter Pan

  3. My dear comrade SovietSupreme you do realize that our old Kenyan buddy now running the show affectionately known as “Barry” was born an American/Muslim and has at least 25 different names and social security numbers that he now goes by. Hell, he’s got a few Nenkin numbers too just for sh#ts and giggles. LOL! :) 2008 was an anomaly that won’t ever happen again. He’s got this. And he’s got Yellen, Kuroda and Abe on speed dial on his cell phone. Drahgi jumps when he says “This high”. Worse comes to worse, he’ll tell Yellen to just buy it all. Yes, the FED will buy the BOJ at 300 yen to the dollar. :)

  4. Nah, Goldman’s Sacks is wrong. They want you to believe the sky is falling in Japan and the US all over again because they are bleeding FX funds this year. But the yen just suddenly surged again over the weekend. Barry called Yellen from the golf course on Friday and just like that the problem was solved! HAHA! Suck it GS!

  5. >BTW, does anyone actually know
    >who owns the Bank of Japan?

    Obviously the Bank of Japan is owned by the Reptillans, Jovian Nazis, and HAARP-infused Jews.

  6. BTW, does anyone actually know
    who owns the Bank of Japan?

    Obviously the Bank of Japan is
    owned by the Reptillans, Jovian Nazis,
    and HAARP-infused Jews.

    You are deceived Comrade. The Bank of Japan has reached a state of communist perfection—It is owned by no one.

  7. You are deceived Comrade. The Bank of Japan has reached a state of communist perfection—It is owned by no one.

    Yes, that is correct Comrade SovietSupreme. You guys won it all without firing a shot and you gave it all different names like the New World Order, the Freemasons, the Illuminati (my group), the Black Dragon Society, and others. Whatever. Congratulations! Very well done. No one owns the bank because no one wants to be taxed! LOL! :D But the $64,000.00 question we all have now is, who is the owner of this website?

    8301:JP = Official BOJ Stock Market Listing = Official http://www.3yen.com IP address

    So we first convert the 3yen.com IP address to its native integer value: 1652344663 then

    simply switch it back to its dollar value, and we get:

    $1,652,344,663.00 – One billion, six hundred fifty-two million, three hundred forty-four thousand, six hundred sixty-three dollars.


    And just like Secom, the whole transaction was done offshore and completely “legal”. ;)

    P.S. Recently, I saw a very interesting Answer and Question round on the very popular and long-running American game show known as Jeopardy! which went like this:

    Contestant: “I’ll take “Japan” for a 1,000 dollars Alex.”

    Alex Trebek (host): “In 2016, Federal Reserve Governor Janet Yellen secretly began studying Japanese on a daily basis.”

    Contestant: “What happens when you run out of things to buy?”


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