Tokyo METRO manners are MIA

Just now, after 12 PM July 4th, Tokyo FINALLY has a July train “manners” poster.
(The Tokyo Metro staff must have been taking partial Fourth of July American 3-day holiday weekend.)

july metro manners poster 2016Please wait in line and board the train
in an orderly manner.″

The above theme is similar to the 2010 poster asking everyone to form a queue for a Tokyo Metro Human Centipede.
Tokyo Metro Human Centipede poster(3Yen / 2010-10-01)



It’s after 12 AM July 4th and Tokyo still doesn’t have any manners.


screen_shot_2016-07-01_at_4.53.59_pm Tokyo METRO マナーポスター:
On the first of every month, we have created a manners poster to promote commuter morals order to uplift of commuter manners and we are placing these posters on the train platforms and the train. ″



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