Ocean Day

Today is Marine Day (海の日 Umi no Hi) national holiday to give thanks for the ocean’s bounty and to consider the importance of the ocean to Japan.

Fun at the seaside once meant bathing in sun-heated rockpools, not swimming in the sea.
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Japanese “explanation” — google translate
Seawater have components similar to the human body fluid, incorporating the components of seawater, of course for the health,
It is said that good for beauty. Modern, but it has been taken over only cosmetic surface of the thalassotherapy,
The smell of there is action to adjust the autonomic nervous just bathed in the waves and splash lapping at the seaside “negative ions” is rich tide have been included, such as iodine compounds, to stimulate the thyroid gland,
Given the tension and moisture to the skin, and promotes blood circulation. All is also possible to use these effects’s the thalassotherapy.
Seawater is that there are more potent than normal hot springs in recent years elucidated j beneath,
People of ancient has been using intuitively noticed this efficacy.
The word beach is old but has been used from the modern There are also described in the Kojiki,
Ancient mythology, when the Izanagi Mikoto was back from Hades, in order to pay the dirt,
It is said to be that of “purification ceremony” as seen in the legend that cleanse the body in the sea water of檍原(Ahakihara) of Tsukushi.
Detailed record of sea bathing of origin of Hiraiso is also such as the two-time conflagration does not currently is left,
According to the 35-year Meiji issue that you wrote down the word of mouth “Hiraiso beaches magazine / remarkable forest Sima Yoshihiko”
Here of sea bathing was started by tobacco cultivation of skill in the art.


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