Again with the ‘GOT OTER UKI’

Usually, Japanese election campaign posters such as those for upcoming Tokyo gubernatorial contest are very boring Like these.

japan election posters

Occasionally, you can see a weirdo like this
Vote for   GOT   OTER   UKI   poster.

Actually, GOT  OTER  UKI  is just a strange romanization of Goto Teruki’s name on his “creative” 2013 campaign poster. ( | 2015-04-21)

His poster for this year’s Tokyo gubernatorial race is much more serious.


Goto Teruki’s 2015 campaign poster was even more right-wing crazy and nude…

nude candidate ( | 2015-04-21)

The really crazy thing is that I support many of the ideas of his campaign platform (Google Translate)

  • Abort the 2020 Tokyo Olympics or make it ultra-low cost endeavor.
  • Cancel the Tsukiji Fish Market relocation, and review.
  • Stop the duplication and waste of Tokyo having two municipal subway systems, the Toei Subway and the Tokyo Metro, which double charge when crossing the two systems.
  • Introduce a vehicle exhaust tax to spread the use of eco-cars.
  • Rebuild Edo Castle the restore the castle tower.
  • Legalize cannabis and revive the hemp industry.
  • Etc.

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4 thoughts on “Again with the ‘GOT OTER UKI’”

  1. Are you sure you want Goto’s platform??

    ☆ Protect the world’s oldest male imperial line with a history of 2676 years.
    ☆ Create a purely domestic theme park of manga, anime, special effects, etc. of Japan.
    ☆ Make 12-year-olds a quasi-adult, and full adults at the age of 15.
    ☆ Restore the WWII compulsory education rescript and moral training, get back the good old Japanese morale.
    ☆ Make all male students study karate, judo, to make it compulsory the rank acquisition of martial arts such as Aikido, Kyudo, etc..

  2. Part of Goto's platform campaign platform in 2013…Goto's platform Campaign platform

    ☆ Worship the Imperial Household ☆
    ☆ Defend Yasukuni Shrine ☆
    ☆ Make Akihabara a freak’s global Holy Place ☆

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