As I said in last weeks’s post about the contest for Tokyo’s governor (3Yen / 2016-07-20), Japanese election campaign posters are rather boring with a bunch of old fartsjapan election posters who slap their picture with just their name, political party affiliation, and a lame slogan like these.

You will be surprised to see in the middle of all these big posters is a yellow, palm-sized sticker for “NHK BUSTERS”—the anti-public TV broadcaster party.


Q:   So, why is there even a need for “The Party to Protect the Public from NHK”? There’s no such thing a Party to Protect the Public from the BBC or PBS, is there?

A:   NHK bill collectors are door-to-door visits extortionists* who unfairly collect (30 to 50% people don’t pay) exorbitant fees for icon_domokun increasingly biased political propaganda since the political appointment of Katsuto Momii, the loonier-than-Trump new Director-General of NHK.

translated by bing

-magic-anti-NHK-sticker Get the magic anti-NHK seal to stop the door-to-door visits of NHK bill collectors—The NHK Busters seal is now shipping from The Party to Protect the Public from NHK.

anti-NKK-2-shot_400xCampaigning for the anti-NHK party is the
continual “Smiles” candidate, Mac Akasaka (L),
& the candidate for governor Takashi Tachibana (R).


Learn more about the NHK BUSTER, Takashi Tachibana at:


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4 thoughts on “NHK BUSTERS”

  1. I kinda think any references to “magic” in his spiel are very much wink-wink tongue in cheek. He’s counting on the fact that if you tell an NHK collector to go away he is basically breaking the law if he refuses, and the collectors know that. The seal includes a phone number that connects you to people who know the law (Tachibana’s office), and is therefore probably a pretty good repellent. Not magic, but it’ll work.

  2. We all know Tachibana has an ice cube’s chance in hell of actually getting elected but if he can drum up enough contempt, the issue of NHK might be taken up by a candidate with a chance at getting elected—giving Nippon an NHK enema.

  3. translated by bing

    Forcible collection of NHK reception fees in court settlement #BLOGOS

    Google Translate of
    NHK after a visit with customer “Mr. A.” in January, it has received court judgement for about 170,000 yen [$1,628 USD] for NHK fees in arrears.
    However, Mr. A who is more than 70-years old, lives on a monthly pension 80,000 yen [$766 USD] could not afford to pay the court judgement. Mr. A claimed hardship to NHK but NHK demanded that Mr. A use a credit card to make a settlement, which he does not have [and is not qualified for]more…

  4. Y wrote:
    I kinda think any references to “magic” in his spiel are very much wink-wink tongue in cheek…

    That “magic” makes it all the much more fun.

    magic-seal_Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.33.05 PM
    Magic NHK Busters seal…

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