Japan mourns its fading sexculture



Japan sexhibition m0urns fading sexculture
AFP (inquirer.net) July 30th, 2016
A sexhibition smack in the middle in one of Tokyo’s hippest areas is shining a n0stalgic light on Japanese er0tica — a culture the curat0r believes is dying out. Ky0ichi Tsuzuki’s “Er0t0pia Japan” deals with Japanese sexuality and fantasies
“This kind of Sh0wa period (1926-1989) culture is being wiped out, as Japan is held to a gl0bal standard,” Tsuzuki told Agence France-Presse. “We might not be able to save it from being killed off completely but we can preserve it for p0sterity.”

Our other hinky reports Japan’s fading sexculture include:



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3 thoughts on “Japan mourns its fading sexculture”

  1. That guy Tsuzuki has long had an astute eye for the low-brow.
    Years ago I bought his coffee table book of photos of the interiors, which he released as an antidote to all those "Tokyo Interior" style books which photograph places like they are museums. He would turn up his friends’ houses without warning and show life as it is.
    He has previously had a column in one of the weekly magazines with photographs of roadside oddities.

  2. translated japanese by bing
    Aoki in 1978, Mari Asami’s the surreal nude calendar photos

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