Bearing the days

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.40.34 PMkumamon-summer_500x_ani

Like Kumamon, this is my pattern every four days for the six month long Tokyo death-summer, grrr.


Our previous krazy Kumamon reports include:



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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

3 thoughts on “Bearing the days”

  1. Nah, Tokyo summer (as much as I hate it) never even really kicked off until July this year.

    Actually, I woke up at 3am this morning because I was cold without one, 笑. It’s 19 degrees outside tonight in my new town in Aomori? Guess I’ll need a blanket, 笑.

  2. Wearing a hot, thick costume, Kumamon joyously celebrates death falling from trees and the start of livable weather of fall.
    kumon-leaf(Alt caption: After years of acting out & dubious behavior, Kumamon turns over a new leaf…a dead leaf.)

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