3 tons of fun —‘Rain begging’ dragon parade


3 tons of fun —‘Rain begging’ dragon parade


Goofy Google Translate of nippon.com [2016.09.09]

The “Suneori Amagoi” rain blessing is a Shinto ritual against drought
With a big open red mouth, jagged teeth, golden eyes, the ryujin/dragon… parade has a furry of poundinding drums and the heroic calls of conch shell trumpets that symbolizes the thunder and rai, A strange dragon/snake withe huge teeth and white beard wiggles its huge, 3 ton body slowly from the Shirahige shrine through town in the Tsurugashima Suneori district of Saitama Prefecture.
Details in English at: www.city.tsurugashima.lg.jp…

Previous reports wild matsuri/parades include:



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