Free luxury hotel in Hokkaido opens!


Asahikawa Prison completed — all private rooms
goofy Google Translate of Hokkaido Shimbun Press
Rebuilding of the aging facility of Asahikawa Prison, which has been underway since 2011, has been finished. With the health of its increasing number elderly inmates in mind, all cells are now private rooms.
With a capacity of 500 inmates, the rebuilt prison building is three floors of reinforced concrete with a total area of 31,535 square meters (339,440 sqft). Each private cell is about seven square meters (75 sqft) and has a bed, desk, chair, TV, sink and toilet. Rather than traditional tatami mats and futon, all the cells have beds to reduce the burden to the older inmate population, whose average age has been increasing dramatically in recent years.


prison mascot
Asahikawa Prison is best known for its fun(?) prison mascot, Katakkuri-chan, as we reported in:
A new cute mascot for a Japanese prison (3Yen / 2013-09-10)

For the rest-of-the-story of this luxury hotel prison (it’s really more like nursing home for elderly criminals) refer to:
New Japanese prison is better than typical Japanese living conditions (3Yen / 2014-11-10)



4 thoughts on “Free luxury hotel in Hokkaido opens!”

  1. That looks nicer than my postgrad dorm room in Kyoto, FFS.

    Slave Labour Web Store that sells stuff made by prisoners at Chubu or Chofu or Chibalobbabibbadop Prison? I thought they would make fun, quirky souvenirs from my next visit.
    Tons of great, quirky mementoes and doodads for fun and funny souvenirs for the folks back home and anybody else that appreciates the liberating aspects of incarcerated labour

  2. Pinecone wrote:
    Wow that shit ain’t cheap to “pick up”.

    Hey, this looks like a good price for a stash bag for my rope smoking buddies in Colorado. ;-)


  3. OMG, those little pouches Taro linked look way cool, toats, LOL. I’m buying 15 of them.
    PS I think they fit a smartphone: they’re 15 x 9.5. I still have a flip phone, so I am going Goku-Choooooo!!!!!!!!!!

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