Japan’s Big Brother is watching

Everywhere you go in Tokyo you can see these stickers of the eyes of Japanese Big-Brother plastered on signs, trucks, delivery bikes, etc.
eyes-500xBasically, these Kabuki-makeup eyes serve as a community watch sort of thing and typically read, Crime: We won’t let it happen.watching-eyeLearn more about Japan’s “WATCHING” eyes here.

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4 thoughts on “Japan’s Big Brother is watching”

  1. Yes, of course, Japan would not be Japan without the “Eye Kills” as seen on posters, people on trains, on TV, in your home, there just is no privacy. The “Eye Kills” also come through the phone with a sudden ring but no one is there!

    Which brings us to another somewhat equally horrifying inquiry – Do Fukushima house owners have to pay property taxes on their inaccessible houses? O_O

  2. I don’t know if those Big Brother cams are any better than the traditional methods of “Neighborhood Watch” by our modern Kenpeitai—secret police.


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