Trump Tower Tokyo

Gently nestled between two stacked rail lines and a scenic 6-lane highway, you too can afford to live in “Trump Tower” for only $750 USD a month!


(Google Translate)
Trump Tower Tokyo
4-67-6 Kamata, Ota Ward, Tokyo
New construction—Pets are OK—Within five minutes of the station! Trump Tower is very convenient to everything: trains, supermarkets, convenience stores, banks, shopping, etc. Everyone envies a high quality life of these very attractive apartments.
Rent: 83,000 yen/month ($750 USD/m)


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8 thoughts on “Trump Tower Tokyo”

  1. “For those who don’t know me I am Yoko I am living in Japan and I’m a huge Trump supporter so I don’t how to start this video because Mr. Trump woooooon……..the election! It really happened. WOW! Like Wow! LIKE WOW!”

  2. I do love the roadside orange pylons which seem to have been placed there for no discernable reason. Ivanka touch no doubt.

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