Artsy-fartsy Tokyo street ‘installation’

This looks like an artsy-fartsy “installation” of béton brut art of a Brutalist bent. (⊙_◎)


For exemplification, here are art projects compared to Tokyo street “installations”…



Our other coverage of concrete “art” of Japan includes:



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2 thoughts on “Artsy-fartsy Tokyo street ‘installation’”

  1. the most famous rock garden in the world: the ultimate Zen experience, 15 stones set in raked white gravel. You’re supposed to sit and ponder. Nobody knows who made it or why, but it’s deeply aesthetic, and fundamentally risible. Look, I’m sorry, but this is the emperor’s new garden, an impractical joke. It’s medieval builders’ rubbish.

    zen-gardenPrior ArtMad in Japan” by AA Gill

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