♬~Beginning to look like ‘Kurisumasu’

Meri Kurisumasu (メリークリスマス) aka XXX Merry Christmas from the love-Hotel Chapel Christmas

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According to DingisMcGee’s youtube, ‵‵Hotel Chapel Christmas near Narita International Airport is where Santa takes his ‘Hoe Hoe Hoe’ in Japan.″

Hotel Chapel Christmas says it’s, ‵‵Designed for adults only…guests can unwind and relax in the spacious [Christmassy] environment

Our previous Christmassy reports of Japan include:


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11 thoughts on “♬~Beginning to look like ‘Kurisumasu’”

  1. As an advance man for the Santa Squid’s XXXmas, it would just like to say,
    ‵‵I’d like to share a message from our Lord and Savior, Cthulhu…″

  2. Pine wrote:
    What the hell is going on there Taro?
    LOL, Goatse cafe!


    What the hell are you seeing besides
    a pair of mittens for a snowman? ◔_◔

  3. Listerine Stinkmas™

    Japanese Christmas can be social nightmare.listerine-xmas-fun

    ‵‵Can you become bold with X’mas?′
    listerine-reasoning xmas-party-stinky-mouth
  4. Den4 wrote about:
    …design improvements to McCafé® cups

    I’m lovin’ it. ❤‿❤

  5. Japan is like the only country in the entire world whereby one could just go there, sit in their hotel room for a few days, watch Japanese TV, and become absolutely amazed before returning home!

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