Finger nuptials from KFC Japan

New FINGER NUPtialS for a perfect Kentucky Christmas—according to KFC Japan


goofy Google Translate of @KFC_jp

\ Don’t worry about oily hands anymore! /
★ “Finger nap” appeared! ★
If you are in the vicinity of a store, please try by all means ♪



Since Christmas is Japan’s biggest hot-date night (3Yen / 2005-12-14), some people have remarked that: ‵‵KFC is fooling no-one. Those are contraceptives for Christmas Eve.″(@noruweijin)

Actually, “finger nups” is not a misspelling of KFC Japan’s abbreviated/coined term “finger napkins” (フィンガーナップ)—Rather it’s a shrewd observation that most single Japanese will be spending Christmas Eve alone (3Yen / 2007-12-25) having finger NUPtials with themselves.

For Japanese, Kentucky Fried Chicken is the ideal Christmas dinner (3Yen / 2012-11-25), so this promotion starts today, December 15—details on the KFC Japan website.


3 thoughts on “Finger nuptials from KFC Japan”

  1. Dang it Taro—You know the correct technical name those “finger nups”
    is ‘finger cots’.


  2. God, I luv goofy Google Translate…

    Kentucky · Fried · Chicken offers chicken gloves in the shop
    So do not worry about the bedbugs! business news | 2016 December 14 (Wednesday)
    Kentucky · Fried · Chicken will introduce chicken gloves “Finger naps” to stores. If you put this in, you can eat chicken without worrying about oil stickiness. You did it.
    Tell them that they want to use it for shop assistants when eating or drinking in the shop, pick them out like a wet tissue from the rented cylinder and use it. The shape looks like a fingerstack enveloping thumb and forefinger. It seems that consideration is also given to ease of attachment and detachment.
    Until now I wrapped it with a paper napkin, but after all I got stained with oil and my hands got dirty, but if I had a finger nap, I could eat smartly. We are introducing at 222 stores in Kanto [Tokyo region] and Kansai [Kyoto and southern region] starting from December 15 and plan to expand the introduction store in the future.


  3. Can these finger condoms be used to eat KFC Japan chicken while one simultaneously fingers their Kentucky Christmas date-o ?!?!?! Perhaps this should become a new government research project. :)

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