Ninja prayer pose pants?

kancho suprise buttsecs Kancho is the insidious Japanese school prank performed by poking both index fingers into someone’s butt when the victim is not looking that’s like a “Ninja Prayer Pose” sign for japanese schools

Men’s Prayer Ninja Kancho Pose boxer shorts
…are a fun gift of men’s rugby uniform-style underwear from Rakuten.

Why rugby kancho underwear? Read the full rest-of-the-story in the Comments section.

Previous kancho fun on the 3Yen:


3 thoughts on “Ninja prayer pose pants?”

  1. The-rest-of-the-story of the “ninja pose prayer” rugby underwear…

    Japan’s national rugby team fullback, Ayumu Goromaru, does what he calls a “samurai prayer*” before kicking the ball, which many Japanese people think looks like a kancho pervy prank.

    *There’s no such thing like this “samurai prayer” and Goromaru says he’s non-religious.

    The “ninja pose” does however does look similar to one of the characteristic poses of Buddha, doesn’t it?

    After leading last year’s “greatest upset in rugby World Cup history”, Ayumu Goromaru, became mega-famous for his orchestrating the win of the Rugby World Cup 2015. He is now a national hero and has written a book, hence the intense interest in him and strange products such as a “ninja pose prayer” rugby underwear.

  2. The problem of Kancho is so serious in Japan, it has warranted making warning signs, etc.


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