February’s fun Fugu festivities

Japanese cuisine’s famously poisonous Fugu/Blowfish (see right) is celebrated as Fugu Day today, February 9th.

Called Fugu no Hi (ふぐの日), the name is pun from the combination of 2 (fu) and 9 (kyu which is close enough to gu).


For this fish more poisonous than cyanide (Wiki), previous reports of fugu fun on the 3Yen include:



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One thought on “February’s fun Fugu festivities”

  1. Just a reminder…
    Fugu Kara-age” is far better than stone-cold slices of fishy rubber bands, meh.

    pro-vs-con-fuguDeep-fried Fugu Kara-age vs raw Fugu sashimi

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