Apologizing for dressing up as a geisha for ‘Vogue’ magazine


Karlie Kloss apologizes after dressing up as a geisha for latest ‘Vogue’ issue celebrating diversity
Style.Mic. | February 15, 2017


There’s no need to apologize about the latest issue of Vogue magazine—The only “apologizing” that is needed is for crappy hairstyling and white makeup. She’s not even wearing real kimono but rather Japanese designers’ reimagined designs of kimono. In addition, many Japanese people encourage foreign women to wear kimono—Some places in Japan offer free train/bus tickets to foreigners wearing kimono.—They looooove a freak show. (⊙_◎)


A few of our many previous reports of kimono craziness include:


9 thoughts on “Apologizing for dressing up as a geisha for ‘Vogue’ magazine”

  1. Yes, there’s no need to “apologize” for so-called Cultural Appropriation of kimono. The top photo of the “geisha” (it’s not really a geisha style) is rather clownish but the other two fashion shots are quite pretty to my Japanese eyes.


  2. Sheesh. The only “apologizing” that is needed is for
    crappy hairstyling and white makeup…

    I’ve noticed that trend quite a bit recently….and it leaves us with the fact that the only racism is from those “offended” because the alleged appropriation was done by someone who isn’t the right race. (though I really hate the term “reverse racism” as if white people are just the default offenders and anyone else the victims when it comes to being racist)

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