Ninja workforce

ninja-workforceGhetto Images | February 20, 2017—

Here’s the staff of Koka city tourism division hard at work at the Koka City Hall on Monday. Known as the homebase of the ‘Koga’ Ninja clan, the city of Koka promotes February 22 as “Ninja Day.”

Previous reports of ninja in the Japanese workforce include:


5 thoughts on “Ninja workforce”

  1. Yet more proof that President Donald Trump is keeping with his previous campaign promises and to this I must say #MAGA and #MJGA!


  2. Thanks for that photo, Taro, to remind me of all the things I miss about working in a Japanese office. The soulless, grey desks; the thick-arse laptops with inventory stickers made using a King Jim label writer, when the machines never leave the desk so that a desktop would be better ergonomically for the keyboard and viewing distance of the screen; the grey filing cabinets; the bloody speaker in the corner giving the odd chime and inane announcement; the tobacco-stained walls with a ghost stain around the clock, that you watch constantly, willing the seconds to pass…

    True white collar factories, although some of them force uniforms to show solidarity with the blue collar moneymakers.


  3. Still…this one is waaaaaaaaaay less cluttered up than 90% of the ones I’m used to seeing. Probably for the photo op but where are all the mountains of papers and binders? I still see desk!!

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