Kimono vs toilets

How to go to the toilet in a kimono  .  .  .  not.


Premium pooping—“TOYLET ART”[sic}—a toilet finished with traditional Japanese lacquer


Japanese Factoid:
Traditionally, relieving oneself on a Japanese squat toilet while wearing a kimono was never easy. However in the old-days in Japan, panties did not exist and that made everything easier.
Actually, it’s quite the production at a Japanese wedding involving several ladies when the bride is forced to go to the toilet while wearing an uchikake/wedding kimono that can weight up to 20 kilograms (44 lbs.).
To learn more about Japanese premium pooping at the lacquer toilet’s manufacturer at:

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5 thoughts on “Kimono vs toilets”

  1. Tee, hee…(。♥‿♥。)
    A real Japanese lady NEVER takes a tinkle during her wedding in a kimono.

    Hint—A good Japanese weddings involve FOUR costume changes and a real Japanese lady just waits for the next change.

    •    1st Traditional Shinto uchikake/wedding kimono
    •    2nd White lace wedding dress (western) with a full long train for a faux-khristian ceremony
    •    3rd Fancy cocktail dress (western) for the wedding party
    •    4th Regular-but-upscale western dress for traveling on a honeymoon
  2. Traditional Japanese lacquer is made of “urushi“—sap that comes from Japan’s variety of poison ivy/poison oak.
    Are you sure you want to sit on that?

  3. Ah, OK. Now I understand why both the bride and groom don’t eat or drink anything at all during all the ceremonies while everyone else just get completely plastered! It’s also amazing how much Japanese weddings put single women in “the mood”. It’s like there are 3-4 days a year when young women in Japan become completely sexually liberated: Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve and a couple of weddings. For the remaining 360 days of the year though, the fun is over, back to work.

  4. Coligny wrote:

    Well…we have Taco Bell in Tokyo so….

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