This Japanese robot’s fate was SEALed

PARO robot
Poor Paro, the unemployed robo-seal
—Back in 2010 I reported that after five years of trials/PR, $15 USD million in development costs and sales of fewer than 1,300 bots, Paro—the socially interactive, therapy robot for the elderly, was basically unemployed. Nobody wanted it—just a big fail.
Now, a decade after it was created, one leftover Paro shows up “working” in a Florida nursing home. Weird.


Seal of approval: Robotic pet helps comfort dementia patients
Daytona Beach News-Journal | 2017-May-29
“Paro” is a term derived from the Japanese abbreviation for “personal robot.” The seal is manufactured in Japan by the Intelligent System Comore

Besides yesterday’s post about Japan’s dead PEPPER robot receptionist, here are just a few of our many previous reports of Japan’s failed social robots:

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