Japanese un-news of the year!

160px-Square_watermelonThe savior of lazy news reporter at deadline who is supposed to be covering Japan is a quick story is SQUARE WATERMELONS (Wiki).

Square watermelon shipments begin in western Japan city
Kyodo News | 2017-June-28
Square-shaped watermelon shipments began Wednesday in a western Japan city where the product has become widely known for its rarity and is attracting interest even from overseas.
The watermelons shipped from Zentsuji on Japan’s Shikoku main island are not edible and purchased generally as ornaments


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    2 thoughts on “Japanese un-news of the year!”

    1. square-watermelon-japan

      So, stores will want people to pay at a lot more than that wholesale price of $90 bucks for an inedible decoration. That sounds like a “pumpkin” for summertime that you can neither carve nor eat.


      …the watermelons are being sold to wholesalers for about 90 dollars each.


    2. What’s the point if they’re not edible?

      Growing a round one at the moment, and was thinking to try square ones in the future, but if it is that hard to make them edible, I’ll quit that idea.

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