Tokyo election upset

Yesterday’s Tokyo elections were a crucial defeat for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s scandal-laden ruling party.
(Local election in Tokyo may have just changed Japanese politics —Los Angeles Times – July 3, 2017).

Also, Mr. Whisters is pissed.



So I heard the Zero party got shut out in the Tokyo election. Poor Mr. Whiskers.
— Adam Walsh (@adamfwalsh) July 3, 2017


Previous election reports include:


3 thoughts on “Tokyo election upset”

  1. In other disappointing news, Mac Akasaka concedes defeat. Sad.

    Translation by bing:
    Thank people of Setagaya City gave the people of Setagaya ward of 9021 Mac Akasaka was allowed to vote, as well as logistical support. Mac Akasaka will be back to the smile star has future, Tokyo Metropolitan Government overseeing from his hometown. Welcome to alien travelers at near. Also 呟kimasu from the stars smile. Smile!

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