Japan Railways to debut the duck-billed ‘AFFAIR-X’

It may look like a Duck-billed Dildo and its real name ought to be the “AFFAIR-X” (Advanced labs For Frontline Activity In Rail eXperimentation)—JR East is going for a new look shinkansen/bullet train.


JR East looks to debut new shinkansen test model capable of running at 360 kph in 2019
KYODO | July 5, 2017
East Japan Railway Co. said Tuesday that it will introduce in spring 2019 a 10-car test train, dubbed ALFA-X, with the aim of developing a next-generation shinkansen model.
The company hopes to achieve a maximum operating speed of 360 kph for the new shinkansen.
ALFA-X stands for “Advanced Labs for Frontline Activity in rail eXperimentation”
the test train is expected to have two different front cars as JR East will check technologies for reducing air pressure when the train enters a tunnel. More…

new-shinkansen-500xAnas-capped agmen japonica is scientific latin for “Japanese duck-billed train.”

Previous reports of shinkansen oddities include:


3 thoughts on “Japan Railways to debut the duck-billed ‘AFFAIR-X’”

  1. Interesting that the Japanese pronunciation of this train is “All fucks”

  2. Welcome to the club of fast trains… someday maybe…right before the next self inflicted apocalypse…

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