Bite my giant Chocoball®!

choco ballsWhile “CHOCOBALL (L) have been very popular for decades and now is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the release of a giant CHOCOBALL. According to the press release of Morinaga confectionary, the new giant Chocoball will be “50 times size” of their regular chocolate balls and will sold for 540 yen ($4.75 USD).


The above CHOCOBALL is not to be confused with the ₱❍rn actor Chocoball Mukai, whose nickname stems from the resemblance of his dark dangling endowments to the Morinaga chocolate candy.


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4 thoughts on “Bite my giant Chocoball®!”

  1. Perhaps not quite as sweet, but you can still gobble one of these deep in your throat if you’re that way inclined….
    wiener homo fish

    Certainly wasn’t beyond this Chocoball.

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