Have you seen the new slogan on the
new Tokyo “Blue Cabs”<snark>? start-your-impossible



More about Tokyo’s “Blue Cabs” at the story: Roomier Blue Cabs added Tokyo fleet ahead of 2020 Olympics

Previously we have covered the Japanese taxi scene including:


tokyonama-logoshopTokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

13 thoughts on “START IMPOSSIBLE”

  1. Hey, at least “IMPOSSIBLE STARTING” is a better enRish car slogan than the prototype’s grammatical, “What wows you.”

    What wows you

  2. Maybe “IMPOSSIBLE STARTING” is meant to be a more entertaining car slogan that will make the tourists giggle than the prototype taxi’s vague but grammatical, “WHAT WOWS YOU”?

    what wows you, taxi slogan

    Have you seen the new slogan on the new Tokyo taxis ?

    I suspect it was formulated after careful consideration of Adidas’ “Impossible is nothing.”

  4. Engrish on top of Engrish…I wonder how the non-gaijin visitors will interpret it.

    I asked some locals last night and the consensus among them was probably initially intended to be something like “begin your potential” than got fucked to “start your possible” and further fucked to “start your impossible.” At the end of the day, it’s just more confusing and meaningless J-fucked “catch copy”

  5. Pinecone wrote:
    Engrish on top of Engrish…


    You would think that somebody in all of Toyota might notice that putting the words “START” with “IMPOSSIBLE” as a slogan on the side of their cars is not very smart, duh.

    starting-is-impossible(Toyota is IMPOSSIBLE to START.)
  6. 無理のことは始まる!! :-)
    This has amused me ever since these taxis first came out. This slogan is also on a huge banner inside Toyota’s offices in Suidobashi, Tokyo.

  7. @AlfieJapanorama wrote:

    A direct translation of Muri no koto wa hajimaru!!無理のことは始まる!!/!! is “Unreasonable things start!!” so the slogan ‘START THE IMPOSSIBLE’ sort of makes Japanese sense.

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