‘Discrimination’ fun


I snuck up on my coworker at the elevator and when she turned around & realized I was behind her she said, “Your white face scared me! It reflects the light so much!”#casual人類差別
ryan.-icon@RyanJP 2018-Feb-15


#casual人類差別 = #casual race discrimination



Coming up a very tight spiral staircase Shibuya, Tokyo, I abruptly came face-to-face to a very attractive Japanese woman who SCREAMED in terror/surprise at the big alien in front of her.

Regaining her composure, her charmingly-untrue comeback for her scream was, “Sorry, you’re so handsome.

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2 thoughts on “‘Discrimination’ fun”

  1. >These kinds of Tokyo anecdotes should be preserved

    While standing still & patiently waiting for my wife to finish shopping, random ladies walk up to me and start to examine my clothes like I’m a mannequin—and SQUEEK when I move. I’m older, bald, a bit fat, and walk on crutches.

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