Japan’s anti-NHK public television movement

“Protect the Citizens From NHK Party”
anti-nhk-party_500xvia @Johnny_Strategy | 2018-Feb-21

Q:   So, why is there even a need for “The Party to Protect the Public from NHK public television”? There’s no such thing a Party to Protect the Public from the BBC or PBS, is there?

A:   NHK bill collectors are door-to-door visits extortionists* who unfairly collect (30 to 50% people don’t pay) exorbitant fees for icon_domokun increasingly biased political propaganda since the political appointment of Katsuto Momii, the loonier-than-Trump new Director-General of NHK.

One of the Party-to-Protect-the-Public-from-NHK’s NHK “Pest Repellent” stickers



I previously have mentioned of these valiant anti-NHK activities earlier in:

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