Tepco’s mascot makeover

Remember Japan’s Fukushima nuke disaster of 3/11?
Well, its back with a mascot makeover (nearly as good as Fukuppy™ →).

In late July for the first time since 2011, Tepco resumed its Fukushima nuke charm offensive with television and billboard advertising featuring a radioactive rabbit mascot with electrical bolt whiskers called Tepcon/テプコン.

Extreme makeover: Tepco attempts image overhaul at Fukushima nuclear plant
The Japan Times | Aug. 8, 2018
Call it an extreme makeover: In Fukushima, officials are attempting what might seem impossible, an image overhaul of the site of the worst nuclear meltdown in decades
The charm offensive extends…with Tepco in July resuming television and billboard adverts for the first time since 2011, featuring a rabbit mascot with electrical bolt whiskers called Tepcon




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