Bellicose biplanes of Best Korea

AN-2-biplane-graphicNorth Korea showed off a massive force of Soviet-era biplanes——Their fearful flying fleet of old An-2 “Colts” were on display at today’s 9/9 military parade.


NK NEWS @nknewsorg
North Korea’s 9/9 Foundation Day military parade in Pyongyang this morning.


Photos by @chadocl


The Rest-of-the-Story…

According to the ancient An-2 biplanes are a clever strategy to fly super low over the ground at slow garbage-truck like speed, penetrating deep into South Korean on one-way, suicide mission to deliver their hardest shock troops deep behind enemy lines. It is thought that North Korea has more than 300 of these lumbering, flying trucks to could overwhelm South Korean air defenses with their shear numbers coming in at tree-top level—basically invisible/undetectable.

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