Kumamon’s vacation is a blast

At his first chance, Kumamon, Japan’s cheekiest mascot “crop dusts” the countryside during his Silver Week (Japan’s vacation period of two, consecutive, 3-day holidays).

kumamon-fart-closeup His Supreme Fatulence, Kumamon, declareth:
‵‵Bear!!〜☆ I’m going to be fine today!′′


おはくま〜☆!今日も元気にいってくまーす!kumamon-face — くまモン【公式】 (@55_kumamon) September 18, 2018


Previous reports of Kumamon’s blast of a life include:



3 thoughts on “Kumamon’s vacation is a blast”

  1. Speaking of cheeky mascots who “crop dust”…
    Check out Ku-tan, the mascot of Japan’s largest airport Narita (NRT) who is always bottomless and farting while he wears the not-very-loved-in-Japan Chinese flag as a cape!

    Wrapped in the flag…the Chinese flag…

  2. Kumamon’s concertina-covered camp complete!!〜
    Time to re-educate all those pesty foreigners, モン!!☆〜


    Be bear! Mon ☆ Enthusiastic today too!☆〜☆
    — くまモン【公式】 (@55_kumamon) November 18, 2018



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