Tokyo Halloween manners

tokyo metro manners sign
The Tokyo Metro has put up “manners” posters warning everyone not to have Halloween fun (3Yen / 2015-10-01/)

 metro manners sign
The rest-of-the-story
For the past 30 years it has been a Halloween tradition among us gaijin/foreigners to take over one rail car of Tokyo’s main loop, the Yamamote Line, for a party…much to the annoyance of the sad-sack salarymen who hate their gloomy decorum being disrupted.


All I can say about that is



8 thoughts on “Tokyo Halloween manners”

  1. Happy TENGAween!!~

  2. two different sites regarding Oh Hell Kitty F-bombing the crowd…
    2) DJ Hello Kitty Drops F-Bomb At Sanrio Puro Land Halloween Event To Delight Of Fans
    / | 2018-11-02 Fri

    Translated from Japanese by Microsoft
    Some excerpts of DJ Kitty’s This DJ Kitty’s “Mother F*cker Ahur!!!!!!!” Because it is like I wanted to hear, it is already very happy.
    and LOL.
    What’s the F? Sanrio characters appear on the ceiling with a laser pointer

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