My favorite Japanese day

November 10 is my favorite Japanese day:

Good Toilet Day / ii to(ire) no hi / いいトイレの日!!~

japan-toilet-ecstasy_500xoz-Nipon “It me” (@ozAntinnippon)


The Japan Toilet Association celebrates Toilet Day on November 10, because in Japanese the numbers 11/10 (for the month and the day) can be read as ii-to(ire) meaning “Good Toilet.”

Of course Japan’s “Toilet Day” should not be confused with World Toilet Day on November 19. World Toilet Day has an amazing Japanesque mascot Mr. Poo—who can poop with his trousers on!


3 thoughts on “My favorite Japanese day”

  1. ユニセフの「世界トイレの日」キャラクターはミスター・プー
    “World Toilet Day” Japanesque character “Mr. Poo” should not be confused with pooed on Pooh Bear.


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