The Kumamon’s Thanksgiving has so much to thank Cthulhu for, モーン☆〜!

Goofy Google Translate:
‵‵Bear〜! I’m going to be fine today!′′




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4 thoughts on “Cthurkey?”

  1. Godzilla vs Gobblerodon!
    Here’s the real way of cooking a Japanese Thanksgiving turkey…
    Gojira vs Gobblerodon

    Note: The Japanese word for turkey is Shichimenchou (turkey–lit. Bird-of-the-7-Faces), but “Gobblerodon” sounds even more evil.

  2. Fool! Do you dare mock the Great Old Ones?!


    Does this bear not know the blasphemous doom lurking in Stygian pits of queer rites performed by mongrel hordes, rites not of this earth but from the stars, that he is messing with?!

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