Nothing is charming?

nothing-is-charming-sign-yokohama-198x For past week in Yokohama, I’ve been stumbling across sidewalk signs reading:
     Nothing is charming.
But hey, everything in Japan is a bit mysterious…especially mangled engrish.
When I finally bothered to read the fine print, I discovered out the Yokohama City government and local businesses especially Starbucks Coffee Japan are holding an holding a “light down event” (sic) named Nothing is Charming on December 11, which is the 21st anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol.


On Tuesday night from 7:00 to 8:00 PM, all lights in the cafes will be turned down to let people enjoy “Nothing” (and to “rethink our life without lights”). Originally the plan was to ban the use of any electronic devices during the “Nothing” event but the most recent press releases don’t mention that any more here in the Land of the Smartphone Obsessed.

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