Christmas tree, Japanese

Ya gotta love this Japanese style “Christmas tree” aka kadomatsu/門松 (Wiki).





xmas-tree Japasnese New Year's Pine
I used to loooove that every year at Christmas, my company would put out two of these “Christmas” trees flanking the main entrance just for me since ostensibly I was the only Christian in the office.

Actually these Kadomatsu are not for Christmas, but for the Japan’s real “holy season”, Oshogatsu–[正月] New Years.



5 thoughts on “Christmas tree, Japanese”

  1. Merry KumaChristmas, モン!!〜☆


    KumaChristmas with a Xmas tree, snowman, and Kumamon

    Translated from Japanese by Microsoft
    KumaMonday to you! & Merry Bear ~ ☆ This week also Eyeymune!

    Translated from Japanese by Microsoft
    The other day, I went to “Kumnan station Christmas” that was done at Kumnan Station in Yatsushiro City! I danced the Kumamon gymnastics in the costume of montakose and I hope that everyone ☆ will ☆ receive happiness.

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