Leftover Japanese Christmas cake

After a long and tiring Christmas day, Kumamon the mascot woke up from fitful sleep the next morning on Boxing Day. He was dreaming of eating leftover Japanese Christmas cake*

It was his mattress.


Translated from Japanese by Microsoft
‵‵I’ll do it today! You’re going to be alright, mon 〜☆.′′

180px-Strawberry_shortcake4 *Kurisumasu keki (クリスマスケーキ), Japanese Christmas cake, is an industrial sponge cake made many months before in the late summer and fall and deeply refrigerated. Then the week before Christmas, it’s layered with engineered whipped cream (seroprotein, caseinate, sugar, lecithin, modified starch, etc.), studded with beautiful-but-tasteless hothouse strawberries, and decorated with tiny, plastic, Xmas figurines and gimcrack.



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